Stefanie Stantcheva

Nathaniel Ropes Professor of Political Economy,
Harvard University


Broader Audience Writing

This page features pieces based on my research and that of others and that are intended for a non-academic audience.


Economica-Coase Lecture 2024 at LSE: [Recording] [Slides]


Surveys for Economic Research: Understanding How People Think [Slides]

Conseil d’Analyse Économique “Les Français et les politiques climatiques” (French version) and “The French and Climate Policies” (English version) with Antoine Dechezleprêtre and Adrien Fabre: [Article, in French] [Article, in English]


Conseil d’Analyse Économique “Repenser l’héritage” with Clément Dherbécourt, Gabrielle Fack and Camille Landais : [Article, in French] [Slides, in French]

Project Syndicate “Inside America’s Polarized Views on Race” : [Article]

The MIT Press Reader “Why People Vote Against Redistributive Policies That Would Benefit Them” : [Article]

Vox EU “Perceptions of Racial Gaps, their Causes, and Ways to Reduce them” : [Article]

The IFS Deaton Review “Perceptions and Preferences for Redistribution” : [Article]

Oxford Review of Economic Policy “Fixing Capitalism’s Good Jobs Problem” with Dani Rodrik : [Article]

Project Syndicate “Inequality and the Macron Commission” : [Article]

EconomicDynamics Research Agenda “Stefanie Stantcheva on Taxes, Transfers, and Redistribution” : [Article] [PDF]

Economics for Inclusive Prosperity “A Policy Matrix for Inclusive Prosperity” with Dani Rodrik : [PDF] [Link]

Economic Policy “Inequalities in the Times of a Pandemic” (forthcoming) : [Article]


Vox EU “How Social Position Shapes Views of Fairness” : [Article]

Vox EU “Civil Liberties during the COVID-19 Pandemic” : [Article]

Project Syndicate “Civil Liberties in a Pandemic” : [Article]

Project Syndicate “The Post-Pandemic Social Contract” with Dani Rodrik : [Article]

“Alberto Alesina: A Free-Spirited Economist” Tribute to Alberto Alesina on VOXEU [PDF] [Link]

[French] “Economie Sociale du COVID19” (2020) avec Clement Herman et Constantin Schesch [PDF]


“Why do we not Support more Redistribution? New Explanations from Economics Research” (2019) in “Combating Inequality: Rethinking Policies to Reduce Inequality in Advanced Economies” (eds. Dani Rodrik and Olivier Blanchard, MIT University Press, 2019) : [Article]

City Journal “Mobility: Real and Perceived” (Autumn 2019) : [Article]


NBER Reporter Research Summary on “Taxation and Innovation” (2018) : [Article] [Full PDF]

Vox EU “Taxation and Innovation in the 20th Century” : [Article]

Vox EU “Misperceptions about Immigration and Support for Redistribution” : [Article]

Vox EU “Intergenerational Mobility and Preferences for Redistribution” : [Article]

Vox EU Video on “Where does Innovation Come from?" : [Article]

Project Syndicate “The Fog of Immigration." : [Article]

Project Syndicate “Prisoners of the American Dream." : [Article] [Video]


Stanford Policy Brief “Tax Reform: An Optimal Equation” (Dec. 2017) : [Policy Brief] [Article]


Vox EU “Taxing the 1%" : [Article]