Stefanie Stantcheva

Nathaniel Ropes Professor of Political Economy,
Harvard University



Here is some selected media coverage of my research.


WZB Berlin Social Science Center “WZB honors Daron Acemoglu for his research on prosperity and political stability” [Article] [Radio Interview, in German]

Reuters “Germany, France hold unprecedented cabinet retreat to oil cranky EU motor” [Article]

Financial Times “Are we destined for a zero-sum future?" [Article]

Le Point “Stefanie Stantcheva: la future star de l’économie, c’est elle!" [Article, in French]

Frankfurter Allgemeine “Dein Gewinn ist mein Verlust” [Article, in German]


NBER Keynote “Mobility: Facts, Perceptions, and Policy” [Video] [Slides]

ELLE Canada “ELLE 100: Women That Are Changing the World” [Article] [PDF]

L’Usine Nouvelle “Aidons les ménages à s’équiper en technos bas carbone” [PDF, in French]

IMF “Getting into People’s Heads” [Article] [PDF]

The New Bazaar “What do we think?" [Podcast]

Econofact “How People Form, and Change Their Opinions on Economics” [Podcast]

Le Grand Journal de l’Eco “Climat: Les Français prêts à faire plus?" [Video, in French]

The Royal Economic Society “Economic Journal Lecture” [Video]

The Richard Musgrave Lecture “Social Economics Surveys and Experiments” [Video]

Econimate “Social Positions & Fairness Views on Inequality” [Video]


Le Figaro “Stefanie Stantcheva, météorite économique” [Article, in French]

Harvard Business Review “We’re Bad at Measuring Inequality — Here’s Why That Matters” [Podcast]

Seventh Richard Goode Lecture at the IMF “How Do People Think about the Economy?" [Video]

LSE Talk “Europe’s Recovery Programs” [Podcast]

Harvard Gazette “U.S. Teens are Following their Parents into Racial Divide” [Article] [PDF]

The IFS Deaton Review “What’s Wrong with Inequality?" [Video]

The IFS Deaton Review “Major Economic Challenges: Inequality” [Video]

Les Echos “Stefanie Stantcheva, la nouvelle star de l’économie” [Article, in French] [Full PDF]

EconomicDynamics Research Agenda “Stefanie Stantcheva on Taxes, Transfers, and Redistribution” [Article] [Full PDF]

Harvard Gazette “Stantcheva Honored by Carnegie Corporation” [Article] [Full PDF]

Carnegie Corporation of New York “2021 Andrew Carnegie Fellows Recipient”: [Article]

Reimagining the Economy, Marketplace “Research Suggests We’re Misperceiving the Inequality Around Us”: [Podcast]

NBER Digest “Determinants of Views on the Fairness of Inequality”: [Article]

Interview in CSWEP News: [Article]


Odd Lots, Bloomberg “This Is How People Really Feel About Paying Taxes”: [Podcast]

L’Opinion “Stefanie Stantcheva (Harvard): «L’abandon de ses propres libertés n’est pas un choix permanent, loin de là»": [Article, in French]

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung “Der Nobelpreis 2030 geht an …": [Article, in German]

Interview in Dialogue Économique: [Video, in French]

Rencontres Économiques d’Aix-en-Provence “Politiques économiques : un changement de paradigme”: [Video, in French]

ABC (AU) “The Coronavirus Economic Shock will be Enormous”: [Podcast]

Vox EU Talks “The Polarization of Reality”: [Podcast]

Deep Background with Noah Feldman “The Economic Impact of COVID-19”: [Podcast]

New York Times “Trump is Waiting and He is Ready”: [Article]

NPR The Indicator “Even the Facts are Polarized”: [Podcast]

The Week “The Lie of the Immigrant Welfare Queen”: [Article]

Vox EU “Can populist economics coexist with pro-immigrant policies?": [Article]

Bloomberg Opinion “Why Hostility to Immigration Runs So Deep”: [Article]

ASSA The Deaton Review Session by Richard Blundell: [Slides]

France Culture “Entendez-vous l’éco?": [Podcast, in French]


Le Monde “Donner à chacun les moyens de mieux raisonner par soi-même”: [Article, in French]

Peterson Institute Conference on “Combating Inequality”, Session on Taxing Capital: [Video]

De Standaard on the Gaston Eyskens Chair 2019: [Article, in Dutch]

De Tijd “Groene belasting werkt maar als je auto kan ruilen voor bus”: [Article, in Dutch]

Vanity Fair “The 50 most Influential French People in the World in 2019”: [Article, in French]

Pour l’Eco: [Video, in French]

France Info “L’invite eco”: [Video, in French]

New York Times coverage of our paper “Intergenerational Mobility and Support for Redistribution”: [Article]

Society Magazine: [Article, in French]

Rencontres Economiques de Aix Session “La fiscalite est-elle decisive pour nos comportements?": [Video, in French]

Interview in Le Figaro: [Print version, in French] [Web version, in French]

Brussels Econ Forum Talk: [Video]

Op-ed on new French data and studies in Le Monde: [Article, in French]

Interview in Le Monde: [Article, in French]

Interview on TF1: [Video, in French]

Short Presentation on Surveys, April 2019: [Slides]

Interview in Le Monde: [Article, in French]

Alberto Alesina describes our research for Le Monde: [Article, in French]

Vox EU Video “Where does Innovation come from?": [Video]


NBER Reporter Research Summary on “Taxation and Innovation”: [Article] [Full PDF]

Vox EU “Taxation and Innovation in the 20th Century”: [Article]

Vox EU “Misperceptions about Immigration and Support for Redistribution”: [Article]

Project Syndicate “The Fog of Immigration” : [Article]

Nominee for the Prix du meilleur jeune economiste francais 2018 by Le Monde: [Article, in French]

Project Syndicate “Prisoners of the American Dream”: [Article] [Video]


Stanford Policy Brief, Dec 2017: [Policy Brief]

NBER Summer Institute 2017 Interview: [Video]


10 Big Ideas on Inequality at the Kennedy School: [Video]